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New Head Offices Powered by LAAB


Since the pandemic, LAAB collective supports leading companies in their quest to reposition their physical offices and enable a gratifying return to the office, in balance with remote working.

In 2022, we began reimagining a totally new 250-person hybrid head office for a major company (identity withheld) in the Montreal region (Canada). The workplace strategy is aimed at revaluing the office in the Employer Brand by focusing on an Enhanced Employee Experience (EEE) and activating the company's distinctive corporate culture and business model.

This reinvented space will become a place of community, well-being and empowerment, beyond the strictly utilitarian dimension of work. Its configuration encourages spontaneous meetings and informal networking to break down "silos", encourage inter-team collaboration and stimulate operational agility, complementing the company's work-from-home offering.

"Avoid generic solutions and explore how our STRATEGIC DESIGN approach can help you tailor solutions to your business challenges, based on your users' experience and your brand promise, while optimizing your real estate footprint." - Michel Lauzon, LAAB President

Project in collaboration with A2 Design Inc.


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