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Rachel-Prefontaine Residential Hub°
location: Montreal, Canada
client: GRT Bâtir son quartier
°Co-designed/cirected by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

The Challenge

Located in the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district in Eastern downtown Montreal, this 120 unit project focuses on the redefinement of the current affordable housing typology, allowing residents to personalize their apartment in a striking visual architectural whole.

The Response

The outline of the project is inspired by conventional low density residential housing, while inducing tension between a locally varied architectural treatment and a strong overall homogeneity. The urban scheme’s main components and formal language are inspired by natural patterns and organic shapes. As such, the three phases of the project are visually connected by an undulating figure: the urban “ribbon”. This figure ensures visual continuity and coherence in the architectural treatment of the low density units on Préfontaine with the eight floor building on Rachel. The volumetric whole is modulated by this “ribbon”, reconciling the differing scales of Préfontaine and Rachel. Geometrical compositions such as fractals are also introduced in the elevations, in order to create rhythms of changing brick, glass and metal, thus distinguishing each residential unit. Finally, vegetation is omnipresent by using a 3D frame supporting planters, allowing each tenant to personalize its unit in the whole.




Selected Press Release

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