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E-Valley project shortlisted in the C40 Reinventing Cities international competition

The proposal by LAAB selected as finalist for the 4000 St-Patrick site in Montréal.

LAAB collective is pleased to announce its participation as lead design architect in the E-Valley/ La Vallé-E finalist team for the international Reinventing Cities competition. Sponsored by the Ville de Montréal and C40 Cities, the competition aims to redevelop the 4000 St-Patrick site, on the edge of historic Lachine Canal, with the objective of carbon neutrality coupled with architectural and urban innovation. Aiming to establish a campus dedicated to the sustainable and electric mobility industry (The Electric Valley), this landmark project demonstrates our core values and vision for a more resilient urban future, while showcasing our innovation capabilities.

We thank Effenco and DIVCO for their trust and we congratulate our exceptional teammates: Régis Côté et associés (architecture), Martin Roy and associates (mechanical, electrical, energy) , Vertima (sustainability), Momentum Transport Canada (mobility, transport), Mario Brodeur consultants (heritage), Daniel Tierney (social and community development), tony babinski of Kornelius (storytelling, branding) and LNDMRK (art integration).

About C40 Cities and Reinventing Cities

Initiated by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and made possible thanks to the support of Climate KIC, Reinventing Cities is a global competition that seeks to transform underutilized sites through sustainable and community-focused projects to drive decarbonised and resilient urban regeneration. To amplify the success of the first competition, C40 is now enabling cities to continuously join Reinventing Cities with new sites, to create an ongoing and dynamic competition and to catalyse systemic change. Today, C40 is launching 25 new sites to be reinvented in 9 cities: Cape Town, Chicago, Dubai, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Reykjavik, Roma and Singapore. Through this competition, C40 and the participating cities invite multi-disciplinary teams of architects, planners, developers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, start-ups, neighbourhood collectives, innovators and artists to submit proposals which deliver carbon neutral and resilient urban regeneration, and can serve as a model for city landmarks of the future.


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