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TOPA | Jackie Gleason Theater°
location: Miami, USA
client: Cirque du Soleil
° Designed/directed by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

The Challenge

Repurpose the aging Art-Deco Theater of Performing Arts (TOPA)/Jackie Gleason Theater, just north of Lincoln Road in Miami’s South Beach, into a hip venue for Cirque du Soleil including 1800-person state-of-the-art theater, a lush garden park, a signature restaurant and a boutique hotel.




The Response

Working with the heritage Art-Deco envelope, slice surgical-like openings in the existing framework to reveal an organic and pulsating rose-red theater in the center. Grace the exterior facade with a continuous undulating marquee defining the social spaces of the complex and relating to a new lush Garden enclave behind the existing walls.

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