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Montreal Womens' Center°
location: Montreal, Canada
client: Montreal Womens' Center Foundation

°Co-designed/directed by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

The Challenge


Situated in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, the Montreal Womens’ Center houses a non-profit organization offering professional and educational services as well as counselling and community support services. The main objective of the project was to renovate and re-organize the existing facilities, while significantly augmenting floor space and integrating the existing 1856 heritage building.

The Response

The project proposes enlarging the complex in a non-invasive manner. In the front yard, a slim new 3 storey pavilion contiguous to the neighboring building was designed to house new office space and a daycare center. This new addition frames the existing building in a contemporary manner, while providing an overflow of animated functions onto the exterior landscape. In the middle section, the junction between the original house and the 1984 annex is re-designed to allow for more efficient circulation and to provide additional floor space. The new project elements effectively frame the heritage house on Saint-Urbain while providing a secondary side entry for employees and volunteers. This sensitive approach to the existing building has been rewarded by an Orange Mention by the Sauvons Montreal heritage group.




Orange Mention 2006, Sauvons Montreal

Finalist, Quebec Order of Architects Excellence Award 2007

Selected Press Release

Dwell Magazine , Suburbs with Attitude (paper version)

Photos by David Boyer

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