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Club Cossette (Cossette Montreal Offices)
location: Montreal, Canada
client: Cossette Ad Agency
In collaboration with Signature Design Communication

The Challenge

For their new Montreal offices located in the We Work of 1010 Ste-Catherine West, Cossette wanted to create an unclassifiable, mysterious conversation piece that would serve as a gathering space and also express their brand DNA in a memorable way. The personalization of the West Wing “third space” called for a striking gesture, a statement that would embody Cossette's spirit while allowing for informal collaboration and creative exchanges between coworkers.





The Response

The design team decided to focus on a simple and iconic figure of the “brasserie” theme:  the aluminum beer can and the infamous "24-pack". The resulting object’s specular finish is inspired by the brasserie restaurant mirror surfaces, which magnify the liveliness of these social spaces. The singular 24 mirror-like vertical cylinders propose a playful visual distortion of the users as well as a celebration of the surrounding buzz and activity in the space. The unexpected presence of a mysterious and monolithic object in the center of the room generates a layout that creates effective subspaces specific to targeted modes of occupation and collaboration by the users.

Canada Interiors Magazine: Best of Canada Award 2022

15th Grand Prix du Design: Gold Certification / Architecture - Temporary Installation

15th Grand Prix du Design: Gold Certification / Environmental Design - Brand Experience

Selected Press Release

Photos by Raphaël Thibodeau

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