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Ubisoft Montreal Studios
location: Montreal, Canada
client: Ubisoft
†Designed/directed by MLauzon Chief Creative Officer Lemay

The Challenge

Design competition launched jointly by Ubisoft and Design Montreal to refresh and expand the Montreal Studios of the French gaming giant located in the historic Peck building in trendy Mile-End along historic Saint-Laurent boulevard. The objective was to express Ubi's unique DNA, enhance the “milieu de vie” for the workforce and propell creativity and collaboration among teams.

The Response

Winning Entry, the scheme proposes a bold story-line linking the Studios’ creative drive to Montreal’s DNA as expressed by a promenade along Saint-Laurent boulevard, from River to Mount-Royal. This is articulated as a picturesque journey inside the building, as a linear narrative exploring 6 neighborhoods, from Old Montreal through Quartier des spectacles and Mile-End, and culminating with a mountain view on the rooftop terrace.





Winning Entry: Design Montreal Competition

Selected Press Release

Photos courtesy of Frare & Galland

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