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Hassan II Waterfont Promenade & Corniche, Casablanca
location: Casablanca, Morocco
client: Casa-Aménagement
†Designed/directed by MLauzon Chief Creative Officer Lemay

The Challenge

Embellish the Hassan II Mosque site, the El-Hank Corniche and transform 18 km of dilapidated waterfront into a respite destination for citizens. Craft a compelling programming and design the corresponding infrastructure including leisure spaces, gardens, sports facilities, washrooms, event spaces, underground parking, retail, and food & beverage units.

The Response

The winning scheme proposes a resilient system and a flexible composition that can adapt to local conditions along the waterfront. Based on an analogy to the Arabian Garden and its characteristic procession, the scheme presents undulating layers of landscape gardens, thus providing a welcome urban oasis of greenery and calm. Penetrating the layers are the “urban thresholds” aligned with the perpendicular streets and leading to the waterfront; these become the gathering spaces for events and bistros.





Selected Press Release

Photos and video courtesy of Casa-Aménagement & Aubrilam

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