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Suqian New Waterfront City°
location: Suqian, Jiangsu Province, China
client: Suqian Regional Authority, Chinese Government
°Co-designed/directed by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

The Challenge

How to design over 8000 hectares of new city for 300 000 inhabitants along the protected lakeside reserve of Loama Lake in Jiangsu province, while preserving the wetlands and promoting biodiversity? The mandate included the programming, phasing, and overall planning for the next 50 years of this major undertaking that would become the gold standard for new sustainable cities in China.

The Response

Finalist project in an international competition, the scheme takes a strong position on sustainability by implanting the city set back from the Lake and preserving the totality of the natural waterfront. An emblematic 10km2 central core with higher density is proposed with canal system and linear parks linking the green spaces and the satellite neighborhoods together. Green wedges permeate the whole territory linking the forest reserve to the waterfront park, providing a continuous ecosystem for flora and fauna.





Finalist Entry: International Invited Urban Design Competition

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