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Artopex Experience Centre
location: Montreal & Quebec City, Canada
client: Artopex inc.
†Designed/directed by MLauzon Chief Creative Officer Lemay

The Challenge

Capture the essence and brand DNA of Quebecois furniture maker Artopex and translate it into a compelling and sought-after furniture showroom located in the 3 underground levels of a heritage bank building on famous St-James Street in Old Montreal.

The Response

From a dramatic double-height lobby featuring an expansive opening to lower levels and an animated “pixel” marquee, the customer path starts from street level and journeys into the bowels of the former Bank, following a visual storyline derived from the Quebec landscape and deployed on the 3 levels of space’s surfaces.





Finalist, FX International Interior Design Awards, 2015

Grand Prix du Design 2013, Showroom Category

Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite, Best Design in Europe and the Americas.

Selected Press Release

Photos courtesy of Artopex

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