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Old-Port of Montreal, Vision 2005-2015°

location: Montreal, Canada

client: Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal

° Designed & directed by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

In collaboration with Claude Cormier Lansdcape Architects

The Challenge

Following a first phase which began in the 1980`s and 1990`s, the 2005-2015 development design targets the completion of the overall plan, the revitalization of aging infrastructures and above all, the definition of a strong public image, bearer of site vocation and genius loci of the area.

The Response




To reinforce the identity of the area, an in-progress rationalization project was conducted, projects highlighting the historical heritage of the site, reinforcing entertainment inclination or accentuating human contact between user, the Saint-Lawrence river and nature. In order to coherently visualize the whole of this linear site, the scheme proposes to install a marina in the Clock Quay to strengthen the esplanade and prolong the bordering walkway. To further fasten the Old-Port with the city, the concept proposes an installation of public spaces by radically de-partitioning the site, prolonging the streets of Old-Montreal onto it and connecting the quays to the urban grid.

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