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Mount Stephen Hotel Complex
location: Montreal, Canada
client: Tidan Group inc.
†Designed/directed by MLauzon Chief Creative Officer Lemay

The Challenge

How to insert a 90-room hotel tower, a 96-car underground parking and 450-patron ballroom on a landlocked site less than 2500 square meters while preserving a large heritage mansion and Montreal architectural jewel from the Golden Square Mile?

The Response

The architectural answer to this planning puzzle was to design a set backed truncated tower shape would be fit within the sightlines of the mansion, rendering the tower virtually invisible from a pedestrian across the street. Also, when visible, the tower windows are rendered in an abstract geometric pattern inspired by the Victorian wallpaper pattern of the Mansion’s salon.





Selected Press Release

Pictures courtesy of LHW, Tidan Group, Rieder Group inc. and St-Denis Thompson

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