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Agora Maximus, Tactical Urbanism
location: Montreal, Canada
client: SDC du Quartier latin

In collaboration with Signature Design Communication

The Challenge

The project was born out of a program initially launched by the City of Montreal in 2021 to support the economic recovery of commercial arteries and later to promote their summer pedestrianization. The 2022 edition is triennial and planned over 3 years, with the aim of promoting greater sustainability of the facilities. The SDC Quartier Latin successfully submitted the application for rue St-Denis to this program.

The Response

Immersive and intriguing, the Agora Maximus combines two landmarks of Latin culture: the Agora, a place for civic meetings, and the Circus Maximus, a linear amphitheater for live entertainment. The modular platforms offer accessible open spaces for pedestrians to socialize and take in the scenery. Informal and playful, they take the form of colorful mounds of "pixels" filled with greenery, enhancing the tree coverage of St-Denis Street. Featuring a gradual implementation plan over 3 consecutive years, the modularity and durability of the system were key design criteria. The pixels come in 5 different heights and the installations can be reconfigured in 2023 and 2024 to respond to the new opportunities and situations.





Selected Press Release

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Photos by Raphaël Thibodeau

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